My name is Camo and you can read my story if you wish, wherein this Greek Island Touring Web-App is Initiative #1.


The scene above is typical of thousands of locations in the Greek Islands and in this case is rendered from a panorama at Apollonas on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades Group. To demonstrate the power of panoramas, which play a major role in my Web-Apps, you can take a sneak preview of this (reduced size) panorama, rotate 360 degrees left/right, zoom in/out and use the arrows to "walk" in either direction.

This Web-App takes you to 43 Islands in the 7 Island Groups and uses over 400 similar Panos to let you get "up close and personal" (while social distancing of course) to help you find exactly where your own idea of "Greek Island Heaven" might be located.

Here is a video to explain.


If you want more help in using the Web-App after watching the video above I also provide this explanation using the example above.

You can navigate to Apollonas by first Opening the Web-App and then Selecting

Cyclades Tab in Frame 1

then Naxos Tab in Frame 2

and Pano 1 Tab in Frame 3

and the pano will appear in Frame 4.

Or you may Select one of the other Tabs in Frame 3 to see more panos and other Multi-Media as well as search for Hotels and Ferries. So the main action happens in Frames 3 & 4, which fit on one screen on a mobile/tablet but you will need to scroll on a laptop.

The main change in this new style is that whatever you select appears in the Frame(s) BELOW, rather than being taken to "places from whence you might not find your way back".


On the other hand you may have a "thing" for beach umbrellas or Greek Ruins so there is a large green Tag for each Island Group in Frame 2 that invites you to view a Panorama Slide Show

This is the large green Tag in Frame 2 for the Cyclades

and in Frame 3 you see (and Select) "that big arch/portico thing" you love but never really knew where it was

and the portico appears in Frame 4. From there it is up to you to either simply read in the top left that it is on Naxos or, use the arrows to see this whole amazing area or, Select "View on Google Maps" to open in a new window and use the Google Tools for more information. Then, knowing it is Naxos, you may go back to Frame 2 and Select Naxos to plan your trip there - EASY!

Press to go to the Web-App.